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Hi friends and family. My name is Jasmine Mandy Nakamura. Welcome to my Tumblr Blog where I post and share everyday experiences and thoughts. I'm a Human Rights Activist, Student of Political Science and Philosophy, and a Self-Professed Tech Enthusiast. I love the Outdoors, Road Trips, Sushi, and Green Tea. My character can be defined in three words - Strength, Humility, and Compassion.


In other peoples views if you’re not a member of their religion, or a member not practicing the religion right then you’re going to Hell. By this line of thinking all Muslims are going to Hell according to Christians, all Christians are going to Hell according to Muslims, all Hindus are going to Hell according to Christians and Muslims, and vise versa; just to name a few. So no matter how good you are you’re going to burn in the Hell of someone’s religion.

I on the other hand don’t even bother with the myths and nonsense. I have one life on this beautiful planet we call Earth, and I’m going to live it to the best and happiest I could. I will carry myself as a decent human being. And I will be kind out of genuine kindness; not to please someone so I can avoid a “Hell” but because it is the right humane thing to do.

Happy Earth Day :D.

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